NFT traits, XRP myths and explanations

10,000 NFTs, every XRP Myth Buster NFT is unique, no two NFTs  have the same set of traits. Some are rarer than others.

Myths in the following table are ordered by their rarity in the NFT collection, not necessarily by their popularity in the real world. This table also provides an explanation of every myth.

Myth #1Ripple will lose against the SEC0.27%Ripple won against the SEC, the judge ruled that XRP is not a security.
Myth #2XRP $589 EOY 20180.32%A famous XRP riddler once predicted this price for 2018 and it was completely wrong. But it's famous nevertheless.
Myth #3Ripple can freeze your XRP0.50%Nobody can freeze your XRP as long as the XRP Ledger is running. And since it is a very decentralized network, no single entity can stop it from running.
Myth #4XRP is a scam0.55%XRP is not a scam, it is a legitimate, fully decentralized and very fast cryptocurrency with very low fees. It has a lot of use cases in payments, with NFTs, its blockchain network has a decentralized exchange, etc.
Myth #5If Ripple goes away, the XRP Ledger stops working0.58%Ripple runs only one XRP validator, so nothing would happen to the XRP Ledger if the company went away.
Myth #6The XRP Ledger has hidden fees0.69%The XRP Ledger has one transparent fee for every transaction, and it is extremely low, about 0.00002 XRP.
Myth #7XRP validators must listen to Ripple or their chosen validators0.84%Validators are free to choose nodes they will listen to, they can build their own UNL.
Myth #8XRP is inflationary0.86%In fact, XRP is deflationary. At the beginning, 100 billion XRP were created and nobody can issue more. Meanwhile every transaction destroys a small amount of XRP, so every day there is less and less XRP in existence.
Myth #9Ripple can seize your XRP0.94%The XRP Ledger is a fully decentralized blockchain network, therefore Ripple can't seize your XRP. Nobody can, unless you reveal your XRP account private key to them.
Myth #10The XRP Ledger is vulnerable to a 51% attack1.16%The XRP Ledger does not rely on proof of work or proof of stake to validate transactions. It uses the Federated Byzantine Agreement where 51% attacks are impossible, blockchain reorganization can’t be done.
Myth #11Ripple is dumping XRP into open markets1.18%Ripple is not selling any XRP on open markets. It is only selling and lending XRP to its partners who use XRP for payments (On-demand liquidity within the RippleNet). See for example this report.
Myth #12Bitcoin’s Lightning Network will make XRP useless1.24%After many years of development, Bitcoin’s Lightning Network still has a lot of problems: it is not decentralized (not a layer 1 solution), it is not cheap, and there are a lot of cases of failure. Meanwhile the XRP Ledger is fully decentralized, very fast (transaction time 3 - 5 seconds), it has very low fees (fraction of a penny) and it has been running smoothly since 2012.
Myth #13XRP riddlers can accurately predict the price1.25%Just follow some XRP riddlers on Twitter and you will have a good laugh.
Myth #14When you send XRP to the address r….., you will get back more1.30%When you you are supposed to send your XRP to any address to get back double, triple or whatever amount, just know it's a scam. Period.
Myth #15The XRP Ledger consumes as much energy as other blockchains1.45%One XRP transaction consumes only 0.0079 kWh, in comparison with 1400 kWH (keeps changing) of a Bitcoin transaction. No proof of work blockchain can compete with the XRP Ledger in that regard, you have to go to proof of stake to even have a debate.
Myth #16Ripple can stop XRP transactions1.63%The XRP Ledger is a fully decentralized blockchain network, therefore Ripple can't stop XRP transactions. No single entity can stop the XRP Ledger from running and validating transactions.
Myth #17The XRP Ledger is not scalable1.66%In its basic layer, the XRP Ledger already has a high throughput, about 1500 transactions per second. This number can go significantly up (tens of thousands TPS) with payment channels. Although the preferred way to increase the the capacity of the network might now be federated sidechains.
Myth #18The XRP Ledger is bad for the environment1.67%Not only the XRP Ledger has a very low electricity consumption (0.0079 kWh per transaction), but thanks to carbon emissions offsets it has been carbon-neutral since 2020, the first major blockchain to achieve this status.
Myth #19Stable coins are better for cross-border payments than XRP1.70%Stable coins have to be backed either by fiat money or by an algorithm. So you either have a counterparty risk or an algorithm that can monumentally fail, like Luna’s UST for example. On the other hand, XRP is counterparty risk free and its value is decided and backed by the free market. Transactions are settled within 5 seconds, so price volatility is not an issue.
Myth #20XRP is useless1.74%XRP is the best cryptocurrency for payments, for value transfer. It is used for that purpose by many companies and people in the world. To do any transaction (payment, trade, custom token, NFT…) in the XRP Ledger, you need XRP.
Myth #21Banks will never use XRP1.81%A lot of information is not public in this area, but we know for example that the Travelex Bank is using XRP for payments. We also know that the central bank of Palau is building on the XRP Ledger to issue its digitized dollar. We also know that commercial banks in the US and UK are getting ready to issue their stable coins on the XRP Ledger.
Myth #22Ripple can create new XRP any time1.83%At the inception of the XRP Ledger, 100 billion XRP were created, and the code includes a protection against creating new XRP tokens. Since it is fully decentralized, no single entity can take over the XRP Ledger and create new tokens.
Myth #23XRP transactions can be reversed1.84%Once an XRP transaction is included in a closed ledger (block), it is forever final and can’t be reversed. Ever. A new ledger is closed every 3 - 5 seconds, so every transaction becomes final very quickly.
Myth #24Payment companies will never use XRP1.85%There is a lot of payment companies using XRP for payments. For example Tranglo, Lemonway, Xbaht, FINCI, iRemit, Modulr, Pyypl, FlashFX, Novatti, Mercury FX and Azimo.
Myth #25The XRP Ledger is slow1.88%Every transaction on the XRP Ledger is settled and final within 3 - 5 seconds. Which makes it one of the fastest blockchains.
Myth #26XRP transactions are slow1.89%Every transaction with the cryptocurrency XRP is settled and final within 3 - 5 seconds. Which is very fast.
Myth #27Central banks won’t touch the XRP Ledger1.90%Ripple has publicly announced that it is working with more than 20 central banks on the use of the XRP Ledger or its federated sidechains. So far, the identity of only five of those central banks has been revealed: Hong Kong, Colombia, Montenegro, Palau and Bhutan.
Myth #28The only use case for XRP is cross-border payments1.90%XRP is great for cross-border payments, but people use it for all sorts of transfers of value. For example traders use XRP to move money between exchanges, even within the same country. Also, with its decentralized exchange, NFTs and federated sidechains, the XRP Ledger can be used literally for anything, including smart contracts.
Myth #29There is no decentralized exchange for XRP1.90%In fact, the XRP Ledger was the first blockchain in the world to have its own native decentralized exchange that runs right on the ledger. It is a real exchange with order books, not just some liquidity pools for swapping tokens.
Myth #30The price of XRP will never move up1.91%XRP has its cycles of ups and downs like any other cryptocurrency. In 2017, its bull run was the biggest among major cryptocurrencies. In 2021, it went from 21 cents to almost 2 dollars, despite the SEC lawsuit. With increasing utility and the number of use cases, the probability of another significant rise is only increasing.
Myth #31CBDCs will make XRP useless1.92%CBDCs or central bank digital currencies are digitised national currencies with their own counterparty and stability risks. They need a neutral and counterparty risk-free currency like XRP to act as a bridge for seamless cross-border transactions and settlement.
Myth #32Validators are paid to confirm XRP transactions1.92%Validators on the XRP Ledger are not paid anything for their work. The concept is that participants of the XRP ecosystem will run validators an pay for the costs because it’s in their best interest to have a healthy and decentralized network.
Myth #33XRP transactions are expensive1.92%Currently, the fee for an XRP transaction is about 0.00002 XRP, which is less than 0.01 USD.
Myth #34The XRP Ledger is not a blockchain1.93%The XRP Ledger is a distributed ledger in a decentralized network that records transactions in blocks that are securely linked together using cryptography. Therefore it is a blockchain.
Myth #35XRP is going to zero1.93%With more and more companies and people using the XRP Ledger, and new use cases emerging with improvements of the technology, the likelihood of XRP going to zero is very low.
Myth #36An XRP account can’t hold any other tokens1.94%Anybody can issue a custom token (fungible and non-fungible) in the XRP Ledger and anybody can hold any custom token in their XRP account, as long as they set a trust line for it (only fungible tokens require a trust line, NFTs don't).
Myth #37Ripple and XRP are the same thing1.94%Ripple is a company that uses the XRP Ledger as one of several technical solutions in its portfolio, while XRP is the cryptocurrency native to the XRP Ledger. So one is a company and the other a cryptocurrency, which is not the same thing.
Myth #38Ripple controls the price of XRP1.94%The price of XRP is determined by the free market, it is traded on hundreds of exchanges around the world. Ripple can’t control the price of XRP, especially because it is not selling its tokens on open markets.
Myth #39The XRP Ledger does not support NFTs1.94%The XRP Ledger implemented non-fungible tokens in November 2022. Since that time it natively supports NFTs. And this is why you can get an XRP Myth Buster NFT, the collection is minted on the XRP Ledger.
Myth #40New XRP are created through mining1.95%XRP transactions are not mined, the XRP Ledger does not rely on proof of work, so no new XRP tokens are created in any way. In fact, nobody can create new XRP tokens, because the code of the blockchain does not allow it.
Myth #41Ripple can make changes to the XRP Ledger on their own1.96%Any change in the XRP Ledger requires an agreement of at least 80% validators in the network. Ripple runs only two validators, so there is no way they could make any change to the code on their own.
Myth #42The XRP Ledger is not decentralized1.96%The XRP Ledger is perfectly decentralized, there is more than one hundred validators and no single entity is even remotely close to a simple majority, let alone an 80% majority required to implement changes to the code.
Myth #43XRP has no value1.96%The value of XRP is determined by free markets, and it certainly is not zero. The value is supported by the increasing use of the XRP Ledger.
Myth #44Ripple can shut down the XRP Ledger1.99%Ripple runs only two validators in the XRP Ledger, which is less than 2% of all validators, so the company can’t do any changes to the ledger, let alone shut it down.
Myth #45The XRP Ledger has no DeFi features at all1.99%Since its inception in 2012, the XRP Ledger includes its own decentralized exchange, which is a DeFi function by design. Also, with federated sidechains, anybody can create any DeFi app and connect it to the XRP Ledger.
Myth #46XRP never has bull runs2.00%XRP had major bull runs in 2017 and 2021. If history repeats, there will be new ones.
Myth #47Ripple can access your XRP account2.02%The XRP Ledger is a fully decentralized blockchain, therefore Ripple can’t access your XRP account. In fact, nobody can access your XRP account, unless you give them your private key.
Myth #48The XRP Ledger is not open-source2.02%The XRP Ledger is open-source. Anybody can check the code, contribute to it or use it for their own purposes.
Myth #49You need a permission to run an XRP Ledger validator2.03%Anybody can run an XRP validator, you don’t need any permission or approval whatsoever.
Myth #50XRP is a security2.05%Many countries in the world, like the UK, Singapore or Japan, have confirmed that XRP is not a security. In the US a federal judge ruled that XRP is not a security.
Myth #51Ripple can sell all their XRP at once and crash the market2.06%All XRP tokens owned by Ripple are locked in escrow. Only one billion XRP is released per month, so no, Ripple can’t sell all their XRP at once. Moreover, every month, Ripple returns the vast majority of unlocked XRPs back to escrow.
Myth #52You can’t hold XRP in a non-custodial wallet2.09%You can hold XRP in many non-custodial wallets like Xumm, Trust Wallet or Exodus, or even in non-custodial hardware wallets like Ledger or Trezor.
Myth #53Ripple is doing XRP giveaways/airdrops2.11%No, Ripple has no XRP giveaways or airdrops. Any XRP giveaway or airdrop presented as coming from Ripple is a scam.
Myth #54Ripple is minting new XRP every month2.13%It is impossible to mint new XRP, the XRP Ledger’s code does not allow it. So Ripple can’t do it, nor anybody else.
Myth #55The supply of XRP is unlimited2.14%At the inception of the XRP Ledger, 100 billion XRP were created. No new XRP can be created through minting, mining or any other way, the code does not allow it. In fact, the supply of XRP is decreasing every day, because every transaction burns a fraction of XRP.
Myth #56Nobody uses XRP2.16%XRP is being used by a lot of companies and individuals. Some of the companies usig XRP for payments are: SBI Remit, EuroExim Bank, Travelex Bank, SendFriend, Transpaygo, MercuryFX, Azimo, Ria Money Transfer, Tranglo, goLance, Viamericas, Pyypl, FlashFX, Intermex, Novatti.
Myth #57Ripple controls the XRP Ledger2.17%There is more than 100 validators running the XRP Ledger and deciding its future. Ripple runs only two of those validators, so it can’t control the ledger. The amount of owned XRP does not give any voting power on the XRP Ledger, so it does not matter at all.
Myth #58XRP is too volatile for payments2.39%XRP can be volatile, which is a typical trait of cryptocurrencies. However, since XRP transactions settle within 3 - 5 seconds, volatility is not an issue at all for payments.
Myth #59XRP is not a real cryptocurrency2.50%XRP is the native token of the XRP Ledger, which is a cryptographically secure distributed ledger in a decentralized network. Therefore XRP is a real cryptocurrency.
ChartTo the moon1.54%
BullBlue with tail down1.18%
Blue with tail up3.59%
Blue with tail horizontal3.74%
Red with tail down8.14%
Green with tail down8.39%
Brown with tail down8.39%
Red with tail horizontal9.47%
Green with tail horizontal9.93%
Green with tail up10.00%
Red with tail up10.14%
Brown with tail horizontal12.65%
Brown with tail up12.94%
Leg bracelet13.22%
Neck chain13.23%