I have been a member of the XRP community for many years. I was there during the monumental bull run in 2017 and I was there during the horrible bear market that followed.

I was also there when the SEC announced its lawsuit against Ripple and XRP. That lawsuit caused one of the biggest frustrations of my life, to say the least.

On top of that, I know that the XRP community has been bombarded by misinformation and myths about XRP since the inception of the XRP Ledger. We have been debunking these myths for years, and that work unfortunately is not done yet.

That is why I decided to create the XRP Myth Buster NFT collection and give it away for free to XRP community members and people outside the community to make it grow. It is a free gift that celebrates our community and the NFT launch on the XRP Ledger.

I want the XRP Myth Buster NFT collection to be uniting. I want it to be used to engage with people in a fun and friendly way to show them the truth about XRP. I don’t want any fighting with other crypto communities, we are on the crypto journey together and we should unite.

Is it just a dream? Maybe. But XRP Myth Buster will remain positive and inclusive because I believe that only with this attitude it can acomplish its mission, which is to correct misinformation and grow the XRP community.

So, who exactly am I? If you have been in the crypto space long enough, you know it can be safer not to reveal your identity in connection to tokens you hold. And this is the approach I am taking, I hope you understand.

XRP Myth Buster
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